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Top 3 Easiest Xbox One Achievements of January 2018


Top 3 Easiest Xbox One Achievements of January 2018

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Inner Space

Easiest Xbox One Achievements of January 2018

Inner Space is all about flying about inverted planets and uncovering the history of the Inverse, while also trying to find a safe means of escaping it. It’s a short and fairly calming experience, with vibrant colors filling your screen as you soar through the air or dive deep underwater.

All in all, Inner Space comes in at only a few hours long. If you want to get yourself all of the achievements that it has to offer, you may have to spend a couple of extra hours polishing things off. There are a few collectibles and airframes to take care of, but with plenty of guides available online already, these shouldn’t take you too long to clear up once you’ve finished the main story itself. Plus, all 1000 Gamerscore is split over just 14 achievements, so even if you don’t clear the full lot, it’ll be a nice boost all the same.


Telltale’s Batman: The Enemy Within – Episode 4

Easiest Xbox One Achievements of January 2018

We don’t need to go through the normal speel here of introducing Telltale Games to you achievement hunters. By now, it’s common knowledge that the story-driven experts over at Telltale love giving players a bunch of easy achievements and a healthy boost to their Gamerscore, and Batman: The Enemy Within is no different.

As per usual, all Bat-fans need to do is complete the episode and they’ll get all 200 Gamerscore that’s on offer. No decision-based achievements, no collectibles, nothing. Just enjoy the episode however you wish and the 200G will be yours. Plus, with the finale hopefully not too far off, you’ll be one step closer to having all of the achievements on offer from the game.

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