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Instagram Users Are Getting Random & Unwarranted Suspension Warnings

is instagram down

Instagram Users Are Getting Random & Unwarranted Suspension Warnings

Let’s talk Instagram and suspensions.

Today, many social media users have awoken to an alarming notification on their Instagram page, as thousands have reported that they are being warned that they’ll be banned as of today for no reason or without previous warning. Alongside this, there’s also been a lot of reports that the entire of the platform is down and inaccessible to users.

So what exactly is going on with Instagram today?

Is Instagram Down? Answered

According to the official Instagram Comms Twitter account, the team is aware of the technical issues regarding accessing the account and is looking into all of it, even adding in the hashtag of instagramdown. We will be sure to keep you posted with updates if anything new is revealed.

Why Did Instagram Suspend My Account?

Currently, there isn’t an exact explanation as to why so many people are getting banned on Instagram today. While this may not be the case for everyone, right now, there seems to be an influx of errors regarding Instagram account suspensions, as many people are getting bans for no reason today.

Though the above tweet doesn’t address the aforementioned issue where people are getting warned about these bans, it’s entirely likely that the bans are a key part of the investigation that was mentioned above. So while it’s frustrating, you’ll just have to wait for this to be resolved a bit later today.

Featured Image Source: Mashable

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