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Elden Ring Unedurable Frenzy Build Looks & Plays Like a Mech Suit


Elden Ring Unedurable Frenzy Build Looks & Plays Like a Mech Suit

On the surface, Elden Ring looks like most difficult medieval fantasy games, as it places a heavy focus on memorizing your opponent’s moves and the flow of battle in order to defeat them with melee or magic abilities. If you get a bit clever, though, some of the builds that make up this game can get pretty crazy.

Take the insane build that uses the incantation Unendurable Frenzy that Youtuber Adam Barker has created. As you can see in the video below, this player’s character has basically been turned into a Mech from Armored Core, firing out laser spells at an insane rate, making even the biggest bosses quiver.

In the comment section of the video, Barker stated they’ll be uploading a full commentary video detailing what was used to create the insane laser lights show build, including how exactly it all works when it comes to defense. For more cool Elden Ring and Dark Souls content, be sure to check out Adam Barker’s Youtube channel.

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