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Avatar: The Last Airbender Fan Artist Brings the Series Into 2066


Avatar: The Last Airbender Fan Artist Brings the Series Into 2066

The Avatar: The Last Airbender is known for having one of the most dedicated and fervent fan bases in all of entertainment, as the show and its sequel, Legend of Korra, have still maintained a prominent foothold in pop culture years thanks to them. And like many other popular series, there are plenty of fan fiction, theories, and ideas that sprout from the community that are hard not to fall in love with.

Few Avatar: The Last Airbender fan creations are as cool as what animator Rocketboiart posted to their social media earlier this week.

As you can see in the clip above, this talented artist shows what it would look like if the Avatar series was set in the year 2066. Rocketboiart even made up an awesome story to go alongside the short animation, which we’ve copied for you below:

AVATAR 2066 – Zuko teaches young fire bender

Small OC animation I did for myself with help from @illustration_de_kely with the absolutely killer BG and
@axouel2009 with god speed clean up.

The Concept is a modern day avatar show where a guild, training 4 benders as a group to act as the current day avatars because the real avatar hasn’t been born in years. but suddenly one does get born which cause a rift in the 4 avatar clans to try either protect the baby, raise and control them or worst case murder the new avatar.

Hope everyone had a dope halloween!

If you enjoyed that clip, be sure to look at Rocketboiart’s social media (Twitter, Instagram, ArtStation) and show them some love, as they’ve got plenty of other amazing animations and creations you’ll surely enjoy. If you’re looking for more Avatar The Last Airbender, we’ve also got lots of features, news, and quizzes revolving around the series in the related content section just at the bottom of the page.

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