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4 Anime Character Deaths That Were Completely Pointless


4 Anime Character Deaths That Were Completely Pointless

Spoiler warning: The following article contains heavy spoilers for Akame ga Kill, Seven Deadly Sins, Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, and the entire Dragon Ball series. If you don’t want any character deaths in these anime to be spoiled for you, stop reading now

Whether it be of natural causes or in a fight, character death is a staple storytelling device in anime. Regardless of if they are a good or bad guy, killing someone off is usually an easy way to help push a compelling narrative.

Just because death is usually inevitable in a lot of anime, doesn’t mean it needs to be pointless. In fact, a meaningful death in these shows, while painful, usually serves to make them that much better, as they add stakes and drama to the conflict.

Unfortunately, the following four anime deaths did exactly the opposite of that. Not only were these deaths not meaningful, but they were also in fact detrimental, as every single one of them could be avoided with common sense or better writing.

So without further delay, these are four anime character deaths that were completely pointless.

Leone – Akame ga Kill

Anime Character Deaths That Were Completely Pointless

Anime Death
Image Source: White Fox

As a whole, Akame ga Kill is a considerably frustrating anime when it comes to how it treats its character deaths. Sure, at first, it was kind of cool to know that no one on the cast was safe, adding real consequence and drama to each interaction. 

The problem was that the show began leaning on this far too heavily, relying on the shock value that came with character deaths regardless of how stupid it made some of them look. Leone is the worst example of this. 

After a battle where she is gravely wounded, Leone eventually runs into Akame, who offers her medical assistance. Instead of accepting this, she walks off and enjoys one last night of drinking out with her friends, eventually dying in the alley where she met Tatsumi. 

This is one of the most head-scratching deaths in all of anime, as the character actively avoids help that could save her life for no reason whatsoever.

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