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8 Best Romance Anime to Watch With Your Partner


8 Best Romance Anime to Watch With Your Partner

Anime series are easy to binge in just a few sittings, but there’s nothing more enjoyable than watching one with your partner or significant other. Here are our picks for the best romance anime you can watch with your partner.


Best Romance Anime

romance anime

Toradora! is one of the most popular romance anime series around, and for good reason too. Taiga Aisaka is one of the most popular tsundere female characters in the genre, and she’s balanced out pretty well by the main protagonist Ryuji Takasu, a mild-mannered boy who helps keep her grounded.

Both Ryuki and Taiga develop crushes on each other’s best friends, and they work together to help each other out by setting them up in romantic situations. Over time, they grow closer together and find that they don’t really hate each other’s company after all.

It’s a cheesy and somewhat cliched premise, but it’s cute nonetheless and will definitely be a good time for anyone looking to enjoy a series with their partners.

A Silent Voice

Best Romance Anime

This is one of the heavier entries on this list, but A Silent Voice is easily one of the best anime movies we’ve seen in recent years. Main protagonist Shoya was branded a bully when he and his friends targeted a deaf girl named Shoko when he was in sixth grade.

He spends the next few years depressed and lonely, until he runs into Shoko again and decides to try to make amends for his past mistakes.

The movie follows the story of both these characters as they try to help each other through various traumas, and it’s a great coming-of-age story with subtle romantic undertones to watch with your partner.

Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War

Best Romance Anime

romance anime

Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War is a great romantic comedy series that features some iconic characters that you’ve most likely heard of even if you haven’t seen the show, such as Kaguya Shinomiya herself or the adorable pink-haired Chika Fujiwara.

The show revolves around the idea that when two people have feelings for each other, the first person who admits those feelings is the loser. The two main characters are simply way too proud to confess to each other, and so they come up with elaborate schemes to try to force the other person to confess.

Just like Toradora!, this is a nice lighthearted watch for couples. Especially for those who are always too shy or proud to convey their feelings to their loved ones.

Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai

Best Romance Anime

At first glance, Rascal seems like just another fan service-y anime, but it’s actually a pretty good coming-of-age drama that deals with some surprisingly heavy issues.

When Mai Sakurajima realizes that she’s becoming literally invisible and disappearing from everyone’s lives, Sakuta Azusagawa is resolved to find out the cause of this strange phenomenon, and along the way, he ends up meeting several other people suffering from the same ailment as Mai as well.

This is a very lowkey romance series that really fleshes out its characters. By the end of the series, you’re not only rooting for the protagonists to get together, but you’re also hoping for a nice, happy resolution for all the character arcs.

Kimi ni Todoke

Best Romance Anime

Kimi ni Todoke is a slightly older and pretty underrated shoujo romance series that would make for a pretty good watch for couples. Main protagonist Sawako Kuronuma is a quiet girl who gets made fun of because of her appearance being similar to that of Sadako from Ringu, and rumors start spreading that she’s cursed, causing her to be misunderstood by those around her.

However, her life starts to change when she befriends Kazehaya, one of the more popular boys at school. Thanks to her new friendship with him, she is able to start opening up to more people and form new friendships.

Kimi ni Todoke’s premise is pretty cliched as well, but it’s good at delivering sweet, memorable moments that will utterly melt your heart.

Your Name

Best Romance Anime

romance anime

Your Name has become so massively popular that you’ve probably already seen this movie, or have at least heard of it. But if you haven’t seen it already, this is definitely one to put on your watch list for your next movie night with your partner.

The movie features Taki and Mitsuha, two high schoolers who live in different parts of Japan, but somehow have the power to switch bodies whenever they go to sleep and wake up.

The fantasy element of the movie helps to set it apart from your typical romance stories, and the beautiful, crisp animation is nothing to scoff at either.

Ore Monogatari

Best Romance Anime

Ore Monogatari is a pretty popular romance anime that tells a rather unique love story. Protagonist Takeo Goda is pretty big and burly for your average high school student, and he’s always been unlucky in love as all his crushes end up falling for his best friend instead.

But when he manages to save the life of Rinko Yamato, a shy girl, she unexpectedly begins to develop feelings for him, and we get to see romance blossom between the tough, scary-looking boy, and the smaller-sized, mild-mannered girl.

This is easily one of our favorite anime recommendations, especially for those couples out there who have always had people telling them how unexpected it is for them to get together.

Your Lie in April

Best Romance Anime

romance anime

Kosei Arima is a talented pianist who suffers a mental breakdown after his mother passes away, resulting in him no longer able to hear the sounds of his piano even though his hearing is otherwise fine.

However, he later meets Kaori Miyazono, a free-spirited and cheerful violinist who manages to inspire and uplift him with her music.

The two are able to inspire each other with their music as Arima gets back into playing the piano.

Without spoiling anything, this series is more focused on their musical harmony and the romance is more of a subtle undercurrent, but it’s definitely still a must-watch for anyone looking for a bittersweet romance anime to check out.

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