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8 Best Romance Anime to Watch With Your Partner


8 Best Romance Anime to Watch With Your Partner

Anime series are easy to binge in just a few sittings, but there’s nothing more enjoyable than watching one with your partner or significant other. Here are our picks for the best romance anime you can watch with your partner.


Best Romance Anime

romance anime

Toradora! is one of the most popular romance anime series around, and for good reason too. Taiga Aisaka is one of the most popular tsundere female characters in the genre, and she’s balanced out pretty well by the main protagonist Ryuji Takasu, a mild-mannered boy who helps keep her grounded.

Both Ryuki and Taiga develop crushes on each other’s best friends, and they work together to help each other out by setting them up in romantic situations. Over time, they grow closer together and find that they don’t really hate each other’s company after all.

It’s a cheesy and somewhat cliched premise, but it’s cute nonetheless and will definitely be a good time for anyone looking to enjoy a series with their partners.

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