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8 Weirdest Devices People Have Managed to Play Video Games On

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8 Weirdest Devices People Have Managed to Play Video Games On

Video games are a magical form of entertainment that can transport players to fantastical worlds and keep them there for hours. But sometimes you just have the urge to find out if you can play games on a kitchen appliance. Here are some of the weirdest devices that people have been able to play video games on.

And yes, the Virtual boy is a very weird device that plays video games. However, we’re looking at devices that weren’t designed specifically for gaming.

TI-83 Graphing Calculator

There are three quintessential keys to the high school experience: Homecoming, Senior Skip Day, and playing games in math class on your overpriced TI-83 — or 84 if your parents loved blowing money. The teachers always cracked down on it, but that top-down shooter, Phoenix, is just too addictive.

Some people might argue that this one isn’t all that bizarre since so many students have played games on their calculators over the years. But just because playing video games on a calculator is exceedingly common, that doesn’t make it any less weird.

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