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4 Reasons to Binge Mythic Quest Ahead of Season 2 Next Month

mythic quest

4 Reasons to Binge Mythic Quest Ahead of Season 2 Next Month

Apple TV+ may not have the same pull that its juggernaut competitors like Netflix or Disney+ do, but some of its exclusive shows are definitely watching, and Mythic Quest is one of them. It’s a game dev comedy by Rob McElhenney and Megan Ganz, and was written and produced by most of the Always Sunny crew including Charlie Day and David Hornsby.

If that isn’t enough to sell you already, here are four reasons why you should watch Mythic Quest’s first season, ahead of Season 2’s release next month.

It’s Tapped into Gamer Culture

mythic quest

Right from the very first episode of Mythic Quest, we get a look at the launch of the new Raven’s Banquet expansion for the most popular MMORPG in this fictional world. The studio gathers in front of a big screen as they tune into the channel of a popular Twitch streamer, and they wait with bated breath for him to reveal his opinion of the expansion overall.

As soon as the streamer gives his approval, the studio explodes in applause and relief because they know just how important streamers and influencers are in getting people to actually buy their game. It’s certainly a very exaggerated and comical look at the way streamers look, but the way people respond to influencers and reviewers is very real indeed.

Video game jargon and meme speak is used in abundance here, but it never ventures into cringe territory, which is a very fine line to balance in a show like this.

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