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9 Best Anime Senpais We Wish Were Looking out for Us


9 Best Anime Senpais We Wish Were Looking out for Us

In anime, the title of senpai is more than just a meme. It’s a title of endearment meant to signify one who came before, and one who strives to take care of those that will one day fill the same roll. Of course, some senpais are better than others when all is said and done, and that’s why we’ve compiled a list of the nine anime senpais we wish were looking out for us.

Kinjou Shingo (Yowamushi Pedal)

Yowamushi Pedal, Top Anime Senpai
Image via Crunchyroll & TMS Entertainment

Any one of the third years from Yowamushi Pedal’s first arc could qualify as top-class senpais, but it’s hard not to see Kinjou Shingo as a cut above.

Dedicated to the sport of cycling in mind, body, and soul, every action he takes as a team captain is in pursuit of bettering his team as a whole. He’s constantly on the lookout for ways to improve others and isn’t afraid to lay out harsh truths to make sure those that follow him are prepared for the challenges ahead.

This is to say nothing of how he acts during races. While he’s certainly out to achieve the best results possible for himself, he also maintains a careful consideration for how to best support his teammates in their endeavors.

He’s willing to take the brunt of the wind while his kohai rest, and will motivate them to surpass him if the opportunity arises.

It’s little wonder he has remained the goal for the upper-classmen to strive toward even after his graduation. It’s doubtful any character will topple him as the series’ top senpai anytime soon.

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