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5 Cameos We Need to See in Falcon and The Winter Soldier


5 Cameos We Need to See in Falcon and The Winter Soldier

With the first episode of Falcon and the Winter Soldier finally arriving on Disney+ today, it is time to start the speculation. And while plot points and easter eggs are certainly a big topic of conversation, there is no doubt that possible MCU cameos are what everyone wants to know about.

To get the ball rolling, we’ve put together a list of five Falcon and the Winter Soldier cameos that would be mind-blowing to see happen in the show.

Steve Rogers

Falcon and the Winter Soldier Cameos

falcon and winter soldier
Source: Marvel Studios/Disney

There was a rumor reported by other outlets that Chris Evans was going to be returning as Captain America which was quickly shot down by the actor himself on Twitter. But that doesn’t necessarily mean he won’t return as the aged version of Steve Rogers in Falcon and the Winter Soldier. And no, pulling clips from Endgame is not a cameo.

Even though he may not be as imposing as he once was, Rogers still has a lifetime of knowledge that he could share with Sam and Bucky – surely, that vibranium shield doesn’t have a mind of its own.

It may be difficult (expensive) to get Evans on for just a cameo, but fans of the MCU would absolutely love it.

Wanda Maximoff

Falcon and the Winter Soldier Cameos

falcon and winter soldier
Source: Marvel Studios/Disney+

Following the end of WandaVision, this one may seem unlikely since Wanda ditched her cozy Westview residence for a more isolated cabin in the middle of nowhere. But there’s a bit of a history between the two leads in this show and the Scarlet Witch that goes back to Civil War and beyond.

But this one truly depends upon the timeline of this show compared to WandaVision. If it takes place before, then it’s possible they could overhear or see Wanda causing a ruckus at S.W.O.R.D.

If they take place at the same time, then it’s unlikely that we’ll see her at all. And if this show takes place after, then it would be about 50/50.


Falcon and the Winter Soldier Cameos

Source: Marvel Studios/Disney

Hawkeye is one of those lower-tier avengers that nobody really has as their favorite. He’s not the strongest, fastest, or smartest Avenger, but that’s a part of what makes him so great. He doesn’t need a fancy suit, lightning, or serum to be a hero.

And just like Wanda, he has a past of working with both Falcon and Bucky. Plus, the complexity of his character adds a different element to the interactions that Sam and Bucky could have.

It would be interesting to see how his downward spiral we get a glimpse of in Endgame impacts Hawkeye now that he has his family back.

Any X-Men

Falcon and the Winter Soldier Cameos

X-Men-Days-of-Future-Past highest grossing superhero
Source: 20th Century Fox/Disney

During WandaVision, MCU fans were running wild around the internet with some of the most outlandish cameo predictions. Sadly, None of the X-Men predictions ended up coming true. Unless they’re playing the long con and Ralph Bohner is actually the X-Men universe’s Quicksilver.

But more relevant to Falcon and The Winter Soldier is a reference to Madripoor in the first episode. This small Asian country just south of Singapore has deep ties to multiple X-Men, most notably Magneto and Wolverine.

It’s highly unlikely that either of those characters will pop up, but Madripoor is almost always inevitably tied to mutants.


Falcon and the Winter Soldier Cameos

Source: Marvel Studios/Disney

Shuri is a genius of technological innovation, a little sister to T’Challa, and Princess of Wakanda. She also has a bit of a past with the Winter Soldier, Bucky Barnes. After all, she was the one who finally helped free him from HYRDA’s brainwashing.

After all those years, he was finally free, and it was all thanks to Shuri. It’s hard to imagine how in debt someone might feel if they owe their freedom to a single person after years of not truly having agency over your own mind and body.

Plus, Shuri is an incredibly popular character that many MCU fans would love to see show up in Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

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