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4 Reasons Why Seraphine is Splitting the League of Legends Community

seraphine splash art

4 Reasons Why Seraphine is Splitting the League of Legends Community

The new champion for League of Legends, Seraphine, has finally been officially revealed after a month of teases.

The Twitter account, @seradotwav was almost instantly identified by the community as a Riot Games created account. They have tweeted about things both real and virtual, and rides the line between reality and the K/DA lore.

The character was given a personality, and interacted with fans on the platform for weeks leading up to their announcement.

Now, the in-game version of the champ has been announced and is playable on the League of Legends’ Public Beta Environment. But Seraphine has been met with scalding reviews so far.

Everything from her voice, to her lore has been criticized by the community, and with the release of the new items at the same time, her abilities inherently seem over-tuned and unbalanced.

On top of that, she has had the most unique release route of any champion, which has left a bad taste in the mouths of a lot of fans that hyped up, and then let down.

Ultimate Launch Skin

Seraphine was already in an odd position for fans since it seemed like Riot was trying to get people to love the champ before she even released.

With the announcement that her first skin would be the most expensive possible price-point, it seems clearer why they wanted so many people to take to her.

In the past eight years, only five champions have received an ultimate skin, and none have been a launch skin.

When Riot announced a new ultimate skin was coming, many were excited and hopeful that one of the long-time fan-favorites would get the skin instead.

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