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Top 15 Most Anticipated Next-Gen Games You Won’t Want to Miss


Top 15 Most Anticipated Next-Gen Games You Won’t Want to Miss

Right at the eleventh hour, only two months before they’re due to launch, the next console generation has finally arrived with a bang. From impressive new IPs to anticipated sequels, the future looks incredibly bright for both the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S over the next few years.

We’re so excited, in fact, that we couldn’t help but take stock and ponder a shortlist of games that we think represent the most compelling reason to get on board with the new hardware and experience them at their very highest fidelity. In no particular order, here are Twinfinite’s 15 most anticipated next-gen games:

Horizon: Forbidden West

Top 15 Most Anticipated Next-Gen Games

Horizon Zero Dawn was developer Guerrilla Games’ first crack at a third-person open-world RPG, and it completely nailed it.

From its compelling premise and story to the spectacle of felling enormous robotic dinosaurs, Horizon has a pizazz about it that’s hugely exciting. And obviously we’re all in on the sequel.

Horizon Forbidden West was exactly the caliber of a high-profile game that has fuelled Sony’s immense success over the past few years, and it elevated the PS5’s first showcase to another level. Roll on 2021.

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