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15 of the Coolest Pokemon Tattoos

Pokemon Tattoos

15 of the Coolest Pokemon Tattoos

Pokemon is one of the most well-known series out there– with good reason. We know them and love them, the adorable pocket monsters that you must collect and battle with. As if the games, cards, and animations didn’t provide us with enough Pokemon goodness already, many fans have gone out and gotten tattoos related to their favorite characters and aspects.

We love it, so we gathered up just 15 of our favorite Pokemon tattoos for you to be awed by and gain inspiration from.

Here they are in no particular order for your viewing pleasure!

Spooky Charmander

It’s getting to be that season– spooky season! Halloween is just around the corner and if you’re a fan of this chilly, thrilling time of year, then this tattoo would be a perfect take on Charmander for you.

Pokemon Crystal

Pokemon Crystal is a 2000 game dear to many of us. The nostalgia this tattoo delivers is incredible, and we love the sparkle effect given off by it.

The colors pop insanely well and it would surely catch anyone’s eye!

Shiny Furret

We all know that Furret is adorable as is, but this tattoo exemplifies that perfectly and makes for an even cuter Pokemon! The black ink draws our attention to the design, and the use of red works great.


Bulbasaur in full, vibrant color? Yes, please! This tattoo’s design employs the use of beautiful coloring that immediately catches any fan’s eye. The pink surrounding the little guy serves as a perfect border.


Mimikyu is a fairly new face in the Pokemon series, but fans quickly fell in love with that adorable drawn-on face. This tattoo incorporates both the cute and the creepy, making for an awesome design.


If Eevee isn’t your favorite, are you really a fan? This Eevee tattoo is precious, from the floral designs surrounding the Pokemon to the beautiful backdrop. The colors also aren’t too strong, but blend well.


Squirtle is an adorable baby– we all know that. This tattoo delivers the Pokemon’s cute, playful personality very well, and the water splashing around makes for an even nicer design.


This tattoo design captures how we’d imagine Umbreon’s personality to be perfectly. The moon is an awesome addition and the colors all turned out really well.

Shiny Sylveon

Sylveon is always gorgeous, but this take on a shiny version of the Pokemon is very eye-catching and pleasant to look at. The coloring is vibrant and the pop would make anyone look twice at this cutie.


Ah, Pikachu, the most well-known and loved Pokemon from the series. This tattoo design is bursting with nice color and is positioned so that you can’t look away. We also love the Poke Ball and lightning effects.


A Torchic and a Razz Berry! This colorful tattoo design is too cute to not love. The inclusion of the berry will be a familiar sight to all Pokemon lovers, and the big-eyed Torchic is what really makes it all so adorable.


As if Skitty wasn’t already one of the cutest Pokemon, this tattoo design has gone and made an even more adorable presentation. The colors look good and the sparkly stars surrounding the Pokemon are a nice addition.


Mewtwo is intimidating with good reason, seeing as it is one of the strongest Pokemon. This tattoo gives the Pokemon an even more threatening but beautiful appearance, with a defined muscular build and vibrant coloring.


We love this tattoo because it looks like it is out of one of the Pokemon animations. The coloring blends very well and Dragapult looks ready to come out and battle!

Pokemon Mural

This Pokemon mural featuring well-loved starters and Articuno is incredible, from the coloring to the art. It’s very well done and looks like a painting on the model’s arm.

Those were just 15 of the coolest Pokemon tattoos. There are many more out there to browse and many new designs to think up for yourself. If you liked this fun post, how about having a look at some of the best Zelda tattoos or having a go at our Super Smash Bros. quiz?

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