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15 of the Coolest Pokemon Tattoos

Pokemon Tattoos

15 of the Coolest Pokemon Tattoos

Pokemon is one of the most well-known series out there– with good reason. We know them and love them, the adorable pocket monsters that you must collect and battle with. As if the games, cards, and animations didn’t provide us with enough Pokemon goodness already, many fans have gone out and gotten tattoos related to their favorite characters and aspects.

We love it, so we gathered up just 15 of our favorite Pokemon tattoos for you to be awed by and gain inspiration from.

Here they are in no particular order for your viewing pleasure!

Spooky Charmander

It’s getting to be that season– spooky season! Halloween is just around the corner and if you’re a fan of this chilly, thrilling time of year, then this tattoo would be a perfect take on Charmander for you.

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