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5 Neglected Rare Franchises That Also Deserve a Comeback


5 Neglected Rare Franchises That Also Deserve a Comeback

Rare has quite the impressive stable of beloved and popular franchises. Unfortunately, they tend to not do a whole lot with them; a lot of fan favorite series have been sitting on the backburner for quite a while now.

But is it possible that the long-awaited reboot of Battletoads could signify that Rare is starting to dig into their back catalog? With hope renewed, let’s talk about five other series that need the same love the ‘Toads got.


Rare's Conker series

Someone at Rare clearly still has a soft spot for Conker. For whatever reason, out of all of Rare’s properties, the foul-mouthed squirrel had an impressive amount of attempted reboots. He got a full remake of his original game, a sub-game within Microsoft’s Project Spark, and whatever the hell Young Conker was. But, for one reason or another, none of these reboots seemed to stick.

We think Conker deserves another go at the spotlight –one that’s easier on the eyes than Young Conker. Part of Conker’s appeal back in his heyday was due to how drastically different his game’s tone was from all the other “animal mascot” games of the time.

With gaming being in a drastically different place nowadays, it’d be fitting for Conker to lambast modern gaming’s all-too-common tropes just like he did to his peers back on the N64.

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