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10 Powerful, Gut-wrenching Moments From The Last of Us Part II (Spoilers)

The Last of Us 2 Emotional Moments

10 Powerful, Gut-wrenching Moments From The Last of Us Part II (Spoilers)

It’s been just over a week since the launch of The Last of Us Part II, so many of us have finally been able to experience all of the emotional moments that the game has to offer.

These memorable scenes are part of the reason the game has become the fastest-selling PS4 exclusive to date, with over four million copies sold in three days. There are definitely more than a few stunning moments, but here are the most emotional scenes from The Last of Us Part II.

Note: This article contains major story spoilers regarding multiple plot-related scenes. If you do not wish to be spoiled, please do not go any further in this article.

Joel’s Song for Ellie

Joel Song

The Last of Us Part II opens up with a great bonding moment between Ellie and Joel. He checks up on her, tells a dad joke, and even plays her a song. He plays Pearl Jam’s Future Days, which is fitting considering their connection. It pops up again and again over the course of the game.

This moment is surprisingly touching. It’s nice to see Joel go full dad mode, even promising to teach Ellie how to play guitar the next night.

The lyrics “If I ever were to lose you, I would surely lose myself,” are repeated by Ellie multiple times as she uses them to remember Joel later on in the game. In a tragic turn of events, Ellie loses her ability to play the song because she let her quest for revenge consume her.

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