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Top 10 Best Anime Plot Twists We Never Saw Coming

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Top 10 Best Anime Plot Twists We Never Saw Coming

Anime is a media that often doesn’t get enough credit for its wonderful storytelling, creative worlds, and originality. Some anime has even gone on to become some of the best stories told in history.

This is thanks to some mind-boggling and game-changing plot twists that seemingly change the story for the better.

Although many shows have plenty of juicy reveals, what separates the good from the great are just how impactful the twist is. Here are some of the best plot twists in anime.

Goku Is a Saiyan – Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z Anime Plot Tiwst

Probably one of the most popular anime in the world, the plot (or lack thereof) was greatly shifted in the first few episodes of Dragon Ball Z.

Goku was always a strange guy with uncanny strength and spirit, but when his brother suddenly appears in a spaceship and tells him that he’s an alien known as a Saiyan, the Dragon Ball series was changed forever.

Dragon Ball was filled with weird concepts like shooting ki blasts, Goku turning into a giant ape, and a turtle hermit who is immortal, but it still managed to stay down to earth (both literally and thematically).

Once it’s revealed that Goku is not of this planet, the shows starts to get very cosmic, with aliens frequently coming to earth to challenge our heroes.

There are even multiple seasons of Dragon Ball Z that take place on other planets (it’s still hilarious when Piccolo realizes he’s an alien. How could he not know?).

When you realize that the start of Dragon Ball is about a boy with a tail and a genius girl trying to find magically balls, you realize how much the show has evolved, since Dragon Ball Super deals with gods, parallel universes, and 5th-dimensional beings.

The Saiyan reveal is when the show truly took the biggest twist.

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