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10 Forgotten Zelda Species That Deserve a Comeback


10 Forgotten Zelda Species That Deserve a Comeback

Throughout the Zelda franchise, there have been plenty of friendly species that Link and his cohorts have met during their adventures. Most players know and love species like the big, friendly Gorons, the elegant Zoras, and the powerful Gerudo.

But there are plenty of other species in Zelda history with a whole lot of untapped potential that deserve another chance in the limelight. Here are our 10 Zelda species we think are worth another look.

The Deku

10 Friendly Zelda Races That Future Games Should Revisit
As seen in: Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask

Let’s start with a familiar face first: The Deku are well-known to most Zelda fans, due to having pretty prominent roles in Ocarina of Time, and having an even larger one in Majora’s Mask. In the latter game, which is still a favorite for many, we got to see an entire Deku Kingdom, and Link himself even became a Deku Scrub via Skull Kid’s magic.

However, since Majora’s Mask, the Deku have been missing from the series, with the similarly plant-themed Koroks likely taking their place.

But outside of both races being plant-based, the designs and feel of the two species are completely different, and both could easily coexist in a game together.

These monkey-kidnapping business scrubs ought to be given another shot as The Legend of Zelda’s original plant-based race.

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