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7 Improvements We Want to See in Final Fantasy VII Remake ‘Part 2’

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7 Improvements We Want to See in Final Fantasy VII Remake ‘Part 2’

Final Fantasy VII Remake is finally out in the wild, and while the game is fantastic, after rolling credits I immediately began to think about all the things Square Enix could do to make the next game (Part II or whatever they are thinking for a title) even better, both mechanically and in terms of the plot.

Warning: Just a heads up, this article will contain SPOILERS, as it is quite difficult to talk about where ‘Part II’ could go without discussing where ‘Part I’ went. You have been warned!

Focus More on Exploration

Final Fantasy VII Remake is a surprisingly linear game, far closer in structure to XIII than the more recent XV. While it does open up at certain points throughout, it is far more on-rails than off.

That should change in the next game. Obviously, Midgar is a claustrophobic setting that doesn’t lend itself to exploration, but it’s a big old world out there and the more focused nature of this remake series gives Square Enix the opportunity to really show that off.

This seems to be the developer’s intended plan considering where the game ends, but it would be great to see this extend to side quests and Battle Reports, too. Maybe these could be larger quest chains, with objectives that are spaced out across whole continents?

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