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5 Anime That Deserve a Proper Conclusion


5 Anime That Deserve a Proper Conclusion

Spice and Wolf


You’ll be hard-pressed to find an anime that appeals to just about every fanbase in the medium more so than Spice and Wolf. The show is all about the peculiar relationship between a traveling merchant, Kraft Lawrence, and a 600-year-old wolf-deity, Holo.

Throughout the two 12-episode seasons, the bond between Kraft and Holo grows immensely. The romance between the two blossoms, as they explore their world’s fantastical landscape, going on fun adventures together and meeting new people in the process.

Kraft and Holo’s chemistry improves along with each adventure, as they share some of the most genuine, relatable, and hilarious banter ever written in anime. Alas, there can only be so much of a good thing.

Spice and Wolf’s last OVA aired in 2009. That means it has been almost a decade since fans were left with a massive cliffhanger, holding out hope that the third iteration of the anime is just around the corner.

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