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5 Big Questions We Still Have About Animal Crossing: New Horizons

animal crossing new horizons

5 Big Questions We Still Have About Animal Crossing: New Horizons

We are officially in 2020, the year of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It feels like it’s been ages since the game was first announced in September 2018. We survived the eight months between the initial announcement and the first trailer at E3 2019, and we even got a second trailer this past September.

Even though we’ve learned about some of the game’s new features, such as the new crafting mechanic and outdoor furniture, there are still so many things we’re left wondering about. Here are a few of the biggest questions we hope are answered before New Horizons releases for the Switch on March 20.

What is Isabelle’s Role on the Island?


It’s easy to forget that Isabelle hasn’t always been the face of the Animal Crossing series. She made her debut in New Leaf as the secretary to the player character. Isabelle quickly grew in popularity, even making appearances in other series such as Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros.

When we didn’t see Isabelle in either the E3 trailer or the September direct, fans began to wonder where she was. New Horizons director Aya Kyogoku revealed that Isabelle will be in the game, but she won’t appear until our island has developed and progressed a bit, though it’s unknown what the exact conditions for her appearance will be.

Will she be our secretary again, reprising her role from New Leaf? Or will she take on a new job on the island? Perhaps she deserves some time off and will simply be retired on the island after working hard at the Pocket Camp campground and competing as a Super Smash Bros: Ultimate fighter.

Either way, we are eager to find out what Isabelle will be up to in New Horizons.

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