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8 Best Games to Chill You Out During the Summer Heat


8 Best Games to Chill You Out During the Summer Heat

The Summer heatwave can be a struggle to get through, and with nearly 100-degree weather it’s likely you won’t even want to leave your house. When the heat’s getting to you it can be hard to focus on something like a game, but that’s exactly what you need a relaxing laid-back game for.

We’ve compiled a list of games that can help you beat the summer heat while you’re staying inside in all that air conditioning; as long as it works.

Stardew Valley

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Stardew Valley is quite possibly the most relaxing video game experience you can have, simply spending each day building your own farm and homestead. At the start of the game, you inherit a small plot of land from your late grandfather, in the rural Pelican Town. Seeking a break from your corporate life, you decide to move to the town and rebuild your grandfather’s run-down plot.

Stardew Valley is a game all about doing what you want when you want. Whether you spend the day tending your crops or delving into the mine to find precious materials, it’s totally up to you. As you spend more time in Pelican Town you’ll get to know its inhabitants even better, and their personal stories.

Perhaps, you’ll even find someone to marry and spend the rest of your Stardew life with.

There are goals to meet in Stardew Valley, of course, but the time limits are so lenient you can basically do whatever you want. Even better is the fact that you can play the game with someone else now using its co-op feature, so if you and a friend need an excuse to stay in and laze around all day, that reason is Stardew Valley.

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