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5 Questions Spider-Man Far From Home Left Unanswered


5 Questions Spider-Man Far From Home Left Unanswered

Spider-Man: Far From Home officially brings an end to Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, easily the biggest and most ambitious we’ve seen to date. It also presents the first time we’ve seen the world in the wake of Avengers Endgame, and what happens therein.

Of course, for as much at it solves, Far From Home opens up a slew of new questions and possibilities. We have a few burning questions after watching the movie, and we’d love to hear what your theories are questions as well are down in the comments.

Of course, we’re going to give a massive spoiler warning here, as we’ll be spoiling MAJOR plot points from Spider-Man: Far From Home, as well as the two credits scenes.

Seriously this is your last SPOILER WARNING.

Is There Really a Multiverse?

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Early on in Far From Home, we’re introduced to Mysterio as a being from another version of Earth. Obviously, the concept of the multiverse has been pretty central to Marvel comics for years, with Earth 616 serving as the mainline continuity.

When Peter meets Mysterio, or Quentin Beck, he’s told that this Earth is Earth 616. It’s certainly not a coincidence that the movie name drops this number, but later on, we find out Mysterio’s whole alternate universe shtick is an elaborate lie.

Any dream of seeing Miles Morales pop up in Far From Home died with Mysterio’s illusions. However, we have to wonder if there really will end up being a Multiverse in the MCU at some point anyway.

There’s still a lot of unknowns in the MCU’s Phase 4, and while it seems most likely that the phase will be going Cosmic, perhaps we could see the Multiverse reintroduced as well.

It’s such a huge idea in Marvel’s history that it seems highly unlikely we’d see mention of the Multiverse in one movie and never hear it again. Here’s hoping this leads to even bigger things.

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