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5 Questions Spider-Man Far From Home Left Unanswered


5 Questions Spider-Man Far From Home Left Unanswered

Spider-Man: Far From Home officially brings an end to Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, easily the biggest and most ambitious we’ve seen to date. It also presents the first time we’ve seen the world in the wake of Avengers Endgame, and what happens therein.

Of course, for as much at it solves, Far From Home opens up a slew of new questions and possibilities. We have a few burning questions after watching the movie, and we’d love to hear what your theories are questions as well are down in the comments.

Of course, we’re going to give a massive spoiler warning here, as we’ll be spoiling MAJOR plot points from Spider-Man: Far From Home, as well as the two credits scenes.

Seriously this is your last SPOILER WARNING.

Is There Really a Multiverse?

spider-man, far from home, questions, mcu, after watching

Early on in Far From Home, we’re introduced to Mysterio as a being from another version of Earth. Obviously, the concept of the multiverse has been pretty central to Marvel comics for years, with Earth 616 serving as the mainline continuity.

When Peter meets Mysterio, or Quentin Beck, he’s told that this Earth is Earth 616. It’s certainly not a coincidence that the movie name drops this number, but later on, we find out Mysterio’s whole alternate universe shtick is an elaborate lie.

Any dream of seeing Miles Morales pop up in Far From Home died with Mysterio’s illusions. However, we have to wonder if there really will end up being a Multiverse in the MCU at some point anyway.

There’s still a lot of unknowns in the MCU’s Phase 4, and while it seems most likely that the phase will be going Cosmic, perhaps we could see the Multiverse reintroduced as well.

It’s such a huge idea in Marvel’s history that it seems highly unlikely we’d see mention of the Multiverse in one movie and never hear it again. Here’s hoping this leads to even bigger things.

Is Mysterio Actually Dead?

spider-man, far from home, questions, mcu, after watching

Although Spider-Man Far From Home’s version of Mysterio is a bit different than his comic counterpart one thing stays the same, he’s the master of illusion. At the end of the climactic final battle, Mysterio dies, shot by one of his own drones.

However, later in the first credits scene, we see the Daily Bugle present a doctored video that has Mysterio painting Spider-Man as a terrorist, and even revealing his true identity. The real kicker here is we don’t know how or why this video was made.

Was it a last-ditch effort by Mysterio right as he died to screw over Peter? Was it something he’d planned all along? It just seems unlikely that Mysterio is actually dead at this point, especially considering the first movie, Homecoming, decided to keep Vulture alive.

Adding even more fuel to the fire is the fact that both Vulture and Mysterio are members of the original Sinister Six. We also know there were some heavy rumors that Sony was making a Sinister Six movie before Disney and Marvel reacquired the Spider-Man rights.

Considering all of this, and how impromptu Mysterio’s death was in the film, it just seems unlikely that the iconic villain is really gone for good.

Just What Is Nick Fury Doing?

While the first stinger in the credits was plenty of fun the second stinger, after the credits, is even more tantalizing in the questions that it raises. Here we learn that Nick Fury and Maria Hill were being impersonated by the Skrulls, Talos and his wife from Captain Marvel.

After that we see Nick Fury aboard a massive Skrull ship, taking a virtual vacation (which seems to be a nice little nod to Tahiti from Agents of Shield). Fury is much more relaxed than he usually is, and it simply begs the questions, what’s going on?

Well, we never really find that out, unfortunately, but there may be a couple of possibilities. Fury could be assisting the Skrulls in their war against the Kree, which may become a centerpiece of Phase 4. This would certainly create an opportunity for Fury to meet up with Captain Marvel again in her sequel, somewhere out in the Cosmos.

Considering how effortlessly Talos impersonated Fury, this could also be leading to the Secret Invasion storyline, where Skrulls kidnapped and impersonated dozens of heroes in the comics. Obviously, the MCU version of the Skrulls are a bit more benevolent, but we could see a rebel faction initiate this event or a fun MCU twist on it as they’ve done with storylines like Civil War.

Either way, Nick Fury being onboard that spaceship is clearly important, and it’s absolutely tantalizing to think about what that might mean for the future. Here’s hoping we get answers sooner, rather than later.

Who’s Leading the Avengers?

spider-man, far from home, questions, mcu, after watching

Here’s a question Spider-Man: Far From Home asks itself, who’s the new leader of the Avengers. Well, we’d like to know. The two most prominent Avengers, Iron-Man and Captain America, are now out of the picture, leaving a huge vacuum of leadership.

When Nick Fury approaches him, Peter even asks why they can’t contact anyone else, and seemingly, all of the other Avengers are either off-world or doing other important things.

Peter grapples with the question of if he’s the new Iron Man, and expectations are laid heavy on his shoulders, but this is the first time we’ve seen the MCU in a post-Tony Stark world.

There’s so much that’s up in the air, but the Avengers need a new leader and Far From Home raises the question but doesn’t give us any indication of who that might.

Cap has passed the mantle onto Sam, so it could be him. Nick Fury is back in action, so he could assume more of a leadership role like in the comics. Could it be Black Panther or Captain Marvel as they step into more prominent roles in the MCU? Only time will tell, but this is easily one of the most burning questions after Far From Home.

Well, What’s the Next Marvel Movie?

For the first time in a long long time, we actually don’t know what the next Marvel movie is going to be. Typically, the MCU has all this stuff in place and even if you don’t know a release date, you know what’s coming next. So, it’s kind of strange that we don’t know what the next movie is going to be.

Obviously, we know films that will be in Phase 4 including a Black Panther sequel, Black Widow movie, The Eternals, Shang-Chi, Dr. Strange Sequel, and Guardians of the Galaxy 3. The problem is, we don’t know which of these movies will really be next, and that makes it hard to theorize about where the MCU is going right now.

It seems most likely that either Black Widow or The Eternals will come next, but it’ll be interesting to see just what Marvel does with Phase 4 announcements. For Phase 3, they announced the whole timeline of movies right off the bat, with some changes and surprises coming in, of course. But it’s unlikely they’ll do the same thing this time around.

Make sure to stick with Twinfinite for more on the MCU and all things Marvel. For more recent Marvel stuff, you can see our interview with the creative director of the upcoming Avengers game from Square Enix.

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