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3 Things to Do After Beating Fire Emblem: Three Houses


3 Things to Do After Beating Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Start New Game Plus

fire emblem: three houses

With such a rich story on offer in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, there’s no better way to re-experience it than by playing through the game again on new game plus. It’s a pretty well-done mode as well, allowing players to have just enough power and freedom of customization, while also making sure you don’t get too overpowered.

The new game plus mode comes with some pretty nice goodies as well. You won’t be able to carry over character levels, but you do get a set amount of renown points that you can spend to immediately unlock professor levels, skill levels, or mastered skills from specific classes. You can’t unlock everything, though, so you’ll have to pick and choose the aspects you want to focus on for your second run.

Focusing on specific skills can also make it easier for you to recruit students from other Houses.

Not only that, you even get the option to choose the Monastery uniforms and war outfits for individual characters. This is actually a pretty nice addition as some characters do look better after the time skip, and now you’ll get to deck them out in their new outfits a little earlier.

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