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Dear Night King, Please Don’t Kill These 5 Game of Thrones Characters (Spoilers)


Dear Night King, Please Don’t Kill These 5 Game of Thrones Characters (Spoilers)

As the dawn of the Great War approaches this Sunday (April 28), it’s becoming abundantly clear that some of our favorite Game of Thrones characters will soon die or join the army of the dead. Despite our hopes and dreams of seeing certain characters make it to the end, the sad truth is that at least one of your favorites will probably die in the next episode.

Game of Thrones has a massive cast of characters that a wide audience can find appealing. The series also has a reputation for being unapologetically vicious when it comes to the treatment of fan-favorite characters. Here five deaths that would be massively devastating.

One final spoiler warning for Game of Thrones Season 8 episode 2.


Source: IGN/HBO

Jon’s ever-loyal Direwolf has become one of the most beloved characters in a show with a long list of charismatic and relatable human characters. It’s quite the feat considering Ghost hasn’t been seen since season six. He was just shown for a few seconds in the most recent episode and the internet went crazy.

Ghost is one of the few characters introduced in episode one to make it this far. Even though he’s lived so long, it feels wrong to call him a survivor. Ghost is a warrior like any other soldier out on the battlefield. Jon left him at Castle Black during the Battle of the Bastards, but he has saved his owner and Samwell countless times.

Ghost’s heroics make him feel more like one of the human characters. No other Direwolf but Grey Wind came close to that kind of personification. This pup seems to be highly intelligent and is great at taking orders. His ability to protect those important to him and Jon makes this white Direwolf a unique character in Game of Thrones.

There’s no indication if Ghost will take part in the impending battle. Unfortunately, Game of Thrones is known to bring back longmissing characters just so they can have them die on screen. We can only hope that won’t be the case here. If Twitter went wild just seeing a few seconds of Ghost on screen, I would hate to see the fallout if he dies this Sunday.

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