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6 Indies From EGX Rezzed You Absolutely Need to Mark Your Calendar For


6 Indies From EGX Rezzed You Absolutely Need to Mark Your Calendar For


EGX Rezzed

At first glance, it would be easy to mistake Indivisible as ‘just another’ indie side-scroller with a pretty art style. But this little action-RPG is hugely ambitious, rolling different genres into one delightful package that stood apart as the most exciting game I played at EGX Rezzed 2019.

First teased way back in 2015, developer Lab Zero has taken its time to craft its second ever video game, following on from the highly regarded beat em’ up Skull Girls. Indivisible draws on the best qualities of that esteemed IP — stunning artwork and top-notch gameplay — and packs it into a 2D role-playing experience that is totally captivating.

The battle system is a standout feature, a lightning-quick turn-based affair that’s so fast it almost feels like a fighting game. Players command several characters at once, attacking and defending with one assigned button which performs different actions according to which direction button is pressed on the d-pad. Cooldown times are so quick there’s barely a moment to catch one’s breath before launching another attack or defending a barrage.

The pace continues outside of combat, too, where Indivisible really surprises with how tight its platforming mechanics are; running, jumping, and springing from wall to wall is super fluid and gratifying.

To top it all off, it looks as though there’s a genuinely fun and interesting story tying everything together. The dialog snippets and story that I saw in a short time with the game was both cute and compelling.

Indivisible still doesn’t have a confirmed release date, but it’s certainly coming in 2019.

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