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Top 10 Best Selling PS4 Games of 2018


Top 10 Best Selling PS4 Games of 2018

Best Selling PS4 Games of 2018

10. Madden NFL 19

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The numbers are in, and Sony has revealed the PlayStation 4’s most downloaded titles of the year. From new entries in established franchises to fresh-faced IPs that blew the community away, these are the top 10 best selling PS4 Games of 2018.

Note that these entries reflect the top downloaded games of the year list released by Sony. Exact figures for overall yearly sales aren’t currently available, so financial milestones for each game have been included for frame of reference.

The latest entry in the Madden franchise had people turning out in droves to play it, and for good reason.

Boasting refined online play and regular daily challenges to take on, as well as a continuation of the story-based Long-Shot mode, the game has no shortage of content for players to dig into.

The title saw strong sales right out of the gate, taking the number one slot for the top downloaded PS4 games from the PlayStation Store in August and continuing to make a showing in the months since.

The exact sales numbers of the title on PlayStation 4 are still unclear, but estimates for its first week of sales at retail alone showed 62 percent of the title’s 788,006 units sold went to the PS4.

By contrast, the title moved an estimated 664,000 units digitally across all platforms, and considering the title’s success on the PlayStation Store for that month, it’s more than possible it enjoyed similar sale’s statistics from August onward.

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