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5 Alternate Video Game Endings That Would Be Great Sequels


5 Alternate Video Game Endings That Would Be Great Sequels

If you’ve ever had an alternate ending to a video game you wished its developers had capitalized on, you’re not alone. We’ve thought it over and these are five alternate video game endings that could have led to great sequels.

Alternate Game Endings That Could Have Made for Great Sequels

Splicers Come to the Surface (BioShock)

Alternate Video Game Endings

While it’s never outright stated in the second game, Bioshock‘s canon can be inferred to follow the first game’s good ending.

However, a different version of the series where Jack successfully harvested all the little sisters and took control of Rapture could have been just as interesting.

For those who haven’t seen it, the bad ending shows Jack return to the surface with Splicers in tow, using his newfound abilities and surplus of Adam to take control of a nuclear sub.

It isn’t clear whether he launches it, or how he plans to use his newfound resources, but the world is most certainly about to be introduced to the horrors of Rapture and its mistakes.

As a result, players could have seen a follow-up where they have to fight Splicers in a post-apocalyptic surface world, ravaged not only by a nuclear blast but by the Adam Jack no doubt released to the survivors to keep them under his control.

They could fight their way towards a confrontation with Jack, blasting away at enemies with pseudo-futuristic guns and enhancing themselves with the plasmids and Adam for good measure.

It would definitely be a big shift in setting and tone, but considering the success the series found with a similar shift for Bioshock Infinite, the possibility for it to succeed could have been there.

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