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12 Most Underrated Anime You Need to Watch


12 Most Underrated Anime You Need to Watch

For every My Hero Academia and Attack on Titan that takes the anime fandom by storm, there are a huge number of shows that don’t find the same appeal. It’s a shame too, as many of them are gems in the rough with one of a kind experiences to offer. Of them, these are the top 12 most underrated anime you need to watch.

Most Underrated Anime You Need to Watch

Joker Game

Joker Game, Underrated Anime

As World War II begins to take its hold on the world, Japan initiates a top secret training program to produce spies capable of keeping tabs on their soon to be enemies. The training process is brutal, but those who survive it gain near-super human abilities and talents for use in their subterfuge activities.

In all, eight agents make it through the training process and are sent across the world to gather intel. Some must blend in with the populace of their assigned country, mimicking the behaviors of those around them. Others must survive torture and interrogation at the hands of the country’s own intelligence programs.

Regardless of the challenges presented to them, each spy must gather as much information as possible to make sure they don’t go home empty handed. Otherwise, Japan could very well be overwhelmed in the coming conflict.

About as James Bond as an anime can be, Joker Game is a must watch for anyone who enjoys espionage action thrillers. Its well written characters and breezy episode plots keep the drama of each mission moving, while Production I.G.’s gorgeous animation dresses it all up in top of the line art and animation.

It’s a perfectly manageable 12 episodes long as well, making it an underrated anime series you can finish with ease on a slow weekend.

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