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10 Tiny Issues With Smash Bros Ultimate Nobody Actually Cares About


10 Tiny Issues With Smash Bros Ultimate Nobody Actually Cares About

Tiny Issues with Smash Bros Ultimate Nobody Actually Cares About

Only Three Taunts When There are Four Directional Buttons

Smash Bros Jigglypuff

Jigglypuff ventures out of the cockpit for a quick pose. She will be missed.

Taunts have been a staple of Super Smash Bros. since the first title on the N64. Back then, it was mapped to the L button, and there was only one taunt available for that reason.

Come Melee, it was shifted to the d-pad, but remained in just one flavor up until Brawl, when we were gifted with three taunts per character. At last, your reaction could suit your mood – this was especially helpful for Mario, whose ‘look I’m a big boy now’ taunt was just asking for you to get walloped from behind.

Here we are a decade later, but we still haven’t seen that elusive fourth taunt that could so easily be assigned to the final direction. Taunts, in general, seem to have been toned down in Ultimate (I had an Adam West moment when I questioned why Kirby doesn’t dance anymore), and this absence just amplifies the fact.

With the amount of microscopic details in Smash, this oversight feels a little strange. I assume Mr. Game & Watch is to blame, because there’s just not that many interesting things for him to do in celebration.

Could he get naked, maybe?

…Or is he always naked?

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