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Just Cause 4: How to Tether & Release Tethers


Just Cause 4: How to Tether & Release Tethers

How to Tether & Release Tethers in Just Cause 4

Another round of open-world chaos is inbound with Just Cause 4, and on an even grander scale. Plenty of mechanics remain intact from the previous games, though, including the awesome grappling hook. Here’s how to tether and release tethers in Just Cause 4.

The traversal systems in Just Cause have always been such an appealing aspect of the game, allowing players to zip across the map using a combination of the wing suit and grappling hook.

But the grappling hook can be used for more than just movement, you can also use it to tether objects together and then cause them to smash into each other and explode by releasing the tether.

It’s a key tool in your arsenal, so you’ll definitely want to familiarize yourself with how to use it properly.

By holding L1 (or the bumper on Xbox One) rather than simply pressing, the grappling hook will attach to an object and give you the option to shoot a second hook at something else.

When you initially press and hold, it’ll shoot out a grapple, and when you let go of L1, you’ll place another grapple wherever you’re aiming and the two things will then be tethered together.

Pressing down on the d-pad will release any tethers, which typically causes anything attached to collide together and explode. This can be particularly handy as a tool of destruction, as you can imagine.

That’s all the information you should need about how to tether and release tethers in Just Cause 4. Enjoy causing total mayhem for the 4th time! For more information on Just Cause 4, such as its early access, or whether its Xbox One X enhanced, check out some of the guides below.

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