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Spyro vs. Crash Bandicoot: Which Remake Is Better?


Spyro vs. Crash Bandicoot: Which Remake Is Better?

Spyro vs. Crash Bandicoot: Which Remake Is Better?

Visuals and Graphics

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Both the Crash Bandicoot N’Sane Trilogy and the Spyro Reignited Trilogy sport a fantastic graphical update, completely overhauling the visual quality and aesthetic of their respective games.

As impressive as the Crash trilogy was in 2017, Spyro Reignited simply takes the cake.

Crash’s levels are much more constrained than Spyros, obviously, because of the difference in gameplay. However, it’s more than just that, as Spyro’s worlds and levels simply feel more varied than that of Crash.

You have tropical islands, dense forests, arid deserts, magical mountains, and much more represented.

The tech in the Reignited Trilogy is simply impressive, and there are tons of tiny details crammed in like leaves falling off of trees, dust particles, fish teeming in underwater sections, and more.

The cutscenes of Spyro also look fantastic, and it often feels like you’re playing a Spyro cartoon. What really makes Spyro stand out is how the visual aesthetic somehow feels in line with Insomniac’s original vision, but simultaneously feels new and fresh.

Of course, Crash is no slouch either with particularly impressive rain effects, and some crazy realistic looking fur on Crash, Coco, and other characters.

The jungles of Crash look particularly vibrant, and once again characters animations are eccentric and cartoony. Both games run incredibly well, with very few graphical hitches or problems.

In the end though, the sheer variety of Spyro’s worlds helps elevate it above Crash, and the team at Toys for Bob have done a fantastic job of making each and every world still feel unique and vibrant.

Winner: Spyro Reignited Trilogy

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