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5 Ways to Prepare for Fallout 76


5 Ways to Prepare for Fallout 76

Ways to Prepare for Fallout 76

Do Your Research & Make Sure It’s Right for You

Fallout 76 is a completely different experience to what fans have seen in the series before. Rather than being given a large post-apocalyptic wasteland to explore on their own, this time it’s inhabited by other players. You’ll all be embarking on the same quest to rebuild civilization in a dangerous wasteland filled with radiated creatures and materials to craft.

It’s certainly different and tends to lean into its building mechanics which are almost identical to those we saw in 2015’s Fallout 4. Plus, with this being Reclamation Day, civilization hasn’t been fully established. Human NPCs aren’t a thing here, or if they are, they’re just corpses ripe for looting. All fellow humans are other players, and you’ll either need to work alongside them to rebuild, trade, and see off the dangerous creatures of the wasteland.

Read up on our preview and the impressions of others who have spent some time exploring the wasteland in the beta (if you didn’t yourself). If you checked out the beta yourself, take some time to ensure you’re 100% happy with what you played. The beta was essentially the full game, so don’t go expecting any massive changes between now and launch.

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