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This Spider-Cop Costume Design Needs to Be Patched Into Spider-Man PS4 ASAP

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This Spider-Cop Costume Design Needs to Be Patched Into Spider-Man PS4 ASAP

Part man. Part spider. All Cop.

Our favorite web-slinging superhero, Spider-Man, takes on the role of the tough-but-lovable, grizzled, seen-too-much detective in Marvel’s Spider-Man for PS4 and it’s one of the best things to happen in the whole game.

When speaking to his NYPD comrade, Yuri Watanabe, Spider-Cop comes out to play from time to time giving Peter Parker a gravelly voice that Watanabe despises. As annoying as Spider-Man can be with him attempting to portray a tired ol’ police officer that’s seen everything and done everything, fans have showed their love for Spider-Cop online, with one person, in particular, designing their own costume for the rugged officer, with a proposed suit power as well (via Reddit):

With all of the many costumes available in Spider-Man PS4, I don’t think it’s out the of the realm of possibility for us to get a patch or an update adding in some sort of Spider-Cop costume; after all, he is the hero that we all need and deserve. And as you can see from the costume description, the suit power has Spidey taking out a megaphone to recite the entire “Miranda Warning,” all while his eyes are flashing red and blue like police car sirens. If you ask us, that power alone is reason enough to throw this in the game. I think I wouldn’t truly feel accomplished in Spider-Man PS4 unless I get the chance to at least fight one bad guy in this Spider-Cop getup. Make it happen Insomniac.

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