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Rooster Teeth Will Team up with DC for Future Projects

RWBY, BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle

Rooster Teeth Will Team up with DC for Future Projects

Rooster Teeth has grown by leaps and bounds. Thanks to stellar shows such as RWBY and Camp Camp, the studio has transformed into an entertainment powerhouse. Now, Rooster Teeth has teamed up with one of the biggest purveyors of superhero action to deliver whole new experiences.

The Rooster Teeth panel closed out New York Comic Con with several bangs, all back to back. Extended clips of the upcoming (and final) season of RWBY, a look at Rooster Teeth’s latest show, gen:LOCK; the latest episode of Camp Camp, and much more were met with raucous approval. However, the announcement that got the biggest reaction from the audience was the reveal that the company would collaborate with DC comics to create crossovers between two great fictional universes. Not even the news that Scholastic was going to publish a book on some of RWBY’s lesser-known —but still fan-favorite— characters elicited such a reaction.

Details are virtually nonexistent regarding this dream combination. While the presenters promised DC would help create future content tied to RWBY and gen:LOCK, the door has been left open for other Rooster Teeth properties. Although, in all honesty, odds are against anything involving Red vs. Blue. After all, that show uses Halo assets, and currently Dark Horse Comics publishes Halo comics.

Moreover, we do not know what media this collaboration will cover. The presenters suggested we could receive a story where Selina Kyle, aka. Catwoman, meets Blake Belladonna, a literal catgirl. However, given DC’s and Rooster Teeth’s wealth of characters and worlds, the possibilities are endless. As a fan of both companys’ properties, I look forward to this collaboration.

We will continue to keep our eyes peeled for new information. With any luck, we will hear something new soon.

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