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PUBG vs. Blackout: Which Battle Royale Game is Better?


PUBG vs. Blackout: Which Battle Royale Game is Better?

PUBG vs. Blackout: Which Battle Royale Game is Better?

PUBG vs. Blackout, Graphics

If this were a decision to be made between the launch-day versions of these games, the decision would be easy: Blackout. When PUBG first launched (as an actual game and not a mod), it was rough around the edges on virtually all fronts. The buildings were easy to clip into — same goes for other objects on the maps, especially trees.

The grass, the cars, the streets, the everything: all of it was rough, but, the game has been out for quite a while and it looks significantly better than it did on launch day. The environments are sharp, the houses detailed and the foliage finally looks real. PUBG isn’t quite yet a looker, but graphically, it’s gone from a 4 to a 7. Hell, with a beefy PC, you can get the game looking like a solid 9.

Still though, Blackout not only has the money of Activision behind it, but the masterminds of Call of Duty, Treyarch, on its side. On launch day, Blackout came out guns hot. Everything but the foliage looked like what you’d come to expect of Call of Duty. That is, when everything loads.

Blackout looks great for about 100 yards. Anything beyond that is stuck in low AA (anti-aliasing) land until you get closer to it. Fortunately, the game focuses on enemies so no matter how far away they are so you’ll have no problem seeing them, but that house they’re in, or that tree they’re hiding behind, won’t be looking so pretty.

With all of this in mind, this is a tough call. PUBG maintains it’s graphical quality three, maybe four times, farther out than Blackout does. Despite that, though, the immediate vicinity of your surroundings in Blackout looks a lot better than PUBG ever does. It’s a shame it can’t maintain that quality farther than 100 yards, though.

PUBG sacrifices graphical quality to maintain a solid draw distance. Blackout sacrifices draw distance to maintain solid graphics.

Winner: Tie

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