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5 Games That Broke Sales Records This Generation


5 Games That Broke Sales Records This Generation

It’s easy to say that each new generation is the greatest of all time, but this generation has the accolades to back it up. From titles that proved to be saving graces for their developers and publishers to new IPs that blew the doors off of the industry with its success, there’s been no end to the number of titles that have broken records and made this a year for the record books. Of those that have made headlines for their overachieving attitudes, these five games are ones which have broken records left and right to give this generation clout as one of the best.

5 Games That Broke Sales Records This Generation

Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter: World

The latest entry in the long-running Monster Hunter series, Monster Hunter World broke new ground by allowing players to team up with one another from around the world for a crisp, clear and adrenaline-packed sojourn into the monster-filled New World.

The game proved a hit not only in Japan, but across the world, and within only two months of its release it managed to blow past developer Capcom’s expectations and sell over 7.5 million copies, breaking the company’s record for best selling title of all time. Not only that, but the game’s success helped Capcom to its highest stock value since 2001, bringing the company out of a slump it has been working to escape from over the course of this console generation.

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