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Top 5 Best Anime of August 2018 You Should Watch

Cells at Work 2


Top 5 Best Anime of August 2018 You Should Watch

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Cells at Work

Best Anime of August 2018 You Should Watch

If you’ve ever wanted Osmosis Jones but with a more anime style, well, Cells at Work is tailor-made for you. The anime turns all of the cells within the human body into anime characters, displaying bodily functions and fighting off infection in dramatic fashion. The show focuses on a specific Red Blood Cell and White Blood Cell, as they encounter various threats and everyday happenings within¬†the body.

Cells at Works is pretty brilliant about how it puts a spin on everything, such as Helper T Cell being a goofy military commander that communicates with the rest of the body via television, or Platelets being adorable little kids that just want to do the best job they can. Past its great sense of humor and quality animation, Cells at Work also goes into detail about bodily functions, providing context and explanation for whatever might be happening on-screen. The show is four episodes in right now, and you can catch new episodes on Crunchyroll. It’s off to a great start and is definitely one of the most unique shows of the year so far.

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