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If Blizzard is Making Diablo 4, Here Are 4 Things It Needs to Get Right


If Blizzard is Making Diablo 4, Here Are 4 Things It Needs to Get Right

A More Diverse Endgame

4 Things We Want to See in “Diablo 4”

It took a while, but Diablo 3 did finally settle into an endgame that suited it. Building up a character that could, (a); survive the most difficult rifts, and then, (b); complete them in record times, is very fun in short bursts. Diablo 3 is one of those games that I play obsessively over a few weeks, but then get tired of it until someone asks “hey feel like playing some Diablo?” and then the cycle of getting new set gear, and challenging the hardest rifts, repeats. I also enjoy the more chill bounty mode that anyone can do to grind out useful crafting materials.

I think that some version of the Diablo 3 endgame should carry over into Diablo 4, but Blizzard would be wise to add on more. I would love to see something that caters to Diablo 2/old-school fans, and something completely out of the box and new. That way, all bases are covered in the next game. You make the Diablo 3 fans happy, grumpy traditionalists that flocked to games like Path of Exile have a reason to give the new game a go, and something brand new to make the sequel feel fresh.

Also, while we’re at it for the most part, ladder seasons in Diablo 3 have been pretty dry. Occasionally they have introduced new content and features, but a lot of the time, it’s just, well a new ladder season to start over with.

It would behoove Blizzard to find some more creative ways to kick off new seasons. Although incredibly late, they are sort of starting to get the message it seems with themed seasons being introduced recently. However, in Diablo 4, or whatever is coming next, new seasons should be something that is something is exciting to not only current players that have seen and done it all, but also players that have drifted away as well to bring them back.

Might we suggest playing a little more fast and loose with new content? I know Blizzard has a very high standard when it comes to putting out, well, anything, but seasons that added new abilities, classes, areas, game features, etc. on a regular basis would make for a much more cheery and enjoyable experience.

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