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8 Actors Who Could Totally Play Snake in a Metal Gear Solid Movie


8 Actors Who Could Totally Play Snake in a Metal Gear Solid Movie

With the Metal Gear Solid movie looking more and more tangible thanks to some recent releases and interviews by film director Jordan Vogt-Roberts – and better yet, like it might actually live up to the quality of the series – fans have been happily speculating about who would be best for the starring role. An icon of gaming, Solid Snake’s grizzled and stoic demeanor is one close to many a person’s heart, and as such, many hope that the person chosen will imbue the traits that make the character who he is into their performance perfectly. We’re very much in that camp, and to that end, we believe these eight actors are the cream of the crop when it comes to portraying gaming’s master of stealth.

Andrew Lincoln

The leading star of AMC’s The Walking Dead for nearly a decade now, Andrew Lincoln bleeds the get-it-done, persevering spirit so integral to who Snake is. Throughout his years on the hit TV show, he’s helped lend a believable layer of exhausted defiance to each challenge the zombie-infested world throws at him: the loss of his family to tragic happenstance, the constant assault of cutthroat survivor factions, and the never-ending needs of his followers all feel like they’re fraught with uncertainty, but are taken on and handled all the same. This would fit perfectly into the role of Snake, who finds himself more and more worn out by each new mission to save the world he takes on, but still sees it through without fail.

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