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Xbox One: Can You Eject a Disc With Your Controller


Xbox One: Can You Eject a Disc With Your Controller

Can You Eject a Disc With Your Controller on Xbox One?

The modern era of technology has advanced so much, that we have a general expectation; if we can think of a feature, it’s probably possible. Sometimes, you simply can’t be bothered walking all the way over to your Xbox One console to eject a disc, because it’s there! And you… you’re here! This is the future, dammit, we demand expedience!

The fact that you hold an Xbox One controller in your hand may seem like a potential solution, and many are the hours spent randomly mashing buttons in a haphazard attempt to send the disc careening from the console. For one thing, this was actually a feature that was present on the Xbox 360, and beyond that, we need only remind you; this is the future, dammit, it should probably work.

Alas, try as you might, there is no hidden button combination, no hotkey, nary a single way to eject the disc from the menu on Xbox One. You will have to make the arduous trek over and press the eject button on the console itself, should you want to pluck that disc from its resting place.

Unfortunately, this means that if your eject button is faulty, you won’t have an easy workaround. If this is the case, try resetting the console before trying again. If it is completely frozen, hold the Xbox logo button on your controller to force a shut down, then turn it back on and try again. Generally speaking, since consoles moved away from mechanical disc trays, eject faults have become a lot less common, however they are not unheard of.

For more handy hints and tips on how to work your newfangled Xbox One console, stick with the tech gurus here on Twinfinite! As a general rule, the most likely solution is to turn it off and then on again. Keep this mantra in your head, and you and your Xbox One should be fine.

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