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Here’s Which Subclasses Benefit Most From The New Destiny 2 Supers


Here’s Which Subclasses Benefit Most From The New Destiny 2 Supers

Titan: Sentinel

Destiny 2: Forsaken New Subclass Supers

Recently, Game Informer got an exclusive close look at Destiny 2’s new supers and subclass paths. While new stuff is always good, that doesn’t always mean we’re getting quality content, so let’s take a deeper look at what’s on offer here. First, we’ll start with the Titan class and what the Sentinel subclass is getting.

While both the Striker and Sunbreaker supers look fun to use, it’s the Sentinel’s new path that looks to be the most game-changing. The Sentinel has shifted quite dramatically from what it used to be in Destiny 1 when it was still the Defender. While the Ward of Dawn has its uses in Destiny 2, the Sentinel is just as much an offensive force as a defender, and while that helps make the class more balanced from an attacker’s standpoint, in the process, it has lost a bit of that “commander” kind of role in the PvE meta.

The new super and abilities add a more support specialist feeling to the Sentinel that is currently lacking. Its new melee attaches a void detonator that blows up, dealing heavy damage and then attaches to nearby enemies. With this, you can imagine the Sentinel being the teammate that calls out enemies to get focused down by attaching this grenade. Detonations also recharge nearby allied grenade energy, which is another nice support tailored perk.

Most importantly, though, is the change to the Sentinel super. Now when you hold the guard button, instead of just having a personal shield, you’ll have a large extended shield that can protect multiple fireteam members, with the best part being that they can shoot through this barrier. While it’s not the same as being able to shoot out of the Ward of Dawn, a feature Defenders/Sentinels have dreamed of having for years, but this is probably the next best thing. And in a way, because this shield is mobile, it might even be a little better in certain situations! It looks similar to having the relic in Vault of Glass if you remember that.

The Sentinel, with this new path, can once again be used to rally the fireteam together for a big guarded DPS push on a boss, and now that teammates can safely shoot through the barrier, they actually might be safer than ever.

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