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5 Actors Not Called Nathan Fillion Who Could Pull off Nathan Drake


5 Actors Not Called Nathan Fillion Who Could Pull off Nathan Drake

Rumors have been swirling for years about a potential Uncharted movie being in the works. Mark Wahlberg was initially attached to play Nathan Drake, before that fell through. Recently, however, Spider-Man: Homecoming and Avengers: Infinity War star, Tom Holland, is said to be scheduled to play the role, as a younger version of the character.

Many Uncharted fans’ opinions changed recently, though, after Nathan Fillion released a live-action Uncharted short-film, in which he played the lead role. He’s excellent as the character, nailing the look and personality of the adored character. It’s got people talking about a potential film again, with many shouting for Fillion to play the role officially. He clearly has the passion for it.

However, should the producers of a live-action movie adaptation choose to go down a different route, ignoring Fillion and the likes of Mark Wahlberg and Tom Holland, the following names are some of those that they should have in mind.

Dan Stevens

You may not think the man who plays Matthew Crawley in Downton Abbey would be the best choice to play the roguish adventurer, but he’s not shy about waving a gun around or showing off his lighter side. The Guest, the excellent Adam Wingard-directed film from 2014, sees Stevens play a soldier who claims to be the friend of a family’s son who died in combat. However, he isn’t the friendly hero he initially seems.

He certainly has the acting chops to play such a beloved character, as he showcased in the likes of Downton and Beauty and the Beast, and he matches Drake’s build, if a little on the chiseled side. The only question that remains is whether he can pull of Drake’s signature charm, which is something that makes the treasure hunter who he is.

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