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What’s New in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? Everything You Need to Know


What’s New in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? Everything You Need to Know

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During Nintendo’s E3 2018 livestream, there was nearly 30 minutes dedicated to breaking down all the new characters, stages, techniques, and more coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for Nintendo Switch releasing on Dec. 7. It was a lot of info to take in all at once, so here is a detailed breakdown of everything new to the Super Smash Bros. Series coming to Ultimate.

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Ultimate will feature every single character from throughout the entire series to be playable for the first time in history, including those previously only featured as DLC such as Bayonetta, or some only appearing once in the history of Super Smash Bros like Pichu or Young Link. Eight-player battles are also making a return as well, after they first appeared in Super Smash Bros. Wii U.

In all, Nintendo guesses the changes coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate are in the tens of thousands, so let’s go through the few they happened to show us just this week.


While it’s true every previous Super Smash character will be playable in the new title, some are making their way to the series for the first time. Along with the returning 66 other characters, exactly three others will be brand new.


Appearing at the end of the livestream as the biggest new reveal, antagonist of the Metroid series Ridley will be a playable character for the first time in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

In a short fighter video released since the livestream, we can see some of his moves including an immobilizing move where he drags an enemy across the ground, and upwards burst move, a counter and burst combo, and more. His Final Smash has him pin the enemy to Samus’ gunship as he charges up a massive fire blast from afar that delivers a huge explosion, and likely tons of damage.

Ridley has been scaled down from his much larger size in the Metroid series to better fit the stage size and balance him against other fighters.


inklings, super smash bros. ultimate

The Inklings from Splatoon are making an appearance in Super Smash Bros. for the very first time, with a unique moveset that focuses heavily on their ability to ink up their environment and enemy players. Both the Inkling Girl and Inkling Boy are available to play, and in total there are eight unique outfits with each one having their own color ink.

When an opponent is inked by an Inkling, they will take more damage until the ink wears off. Different Splatoon weapons are available as Smash Attacks or Special Attacks, with the Inkbrush, Blaster, Slosher, Splat Bomb, and Splat Roller being shown in the gameplay footage besides the basic Splattershot used throughout. While jumping, the Inkling can change into its Squid form, and the Inkling can run out of ink with the ability to hit B to regenerate also available.

Its Final Smash is called the Killer Wail, and allows the Inkling to place a massive Special Weapon from Splatoon itself onto the playing field that shoots massive amounts of ink in one direction. In Splatoon, the Killer Wail shoots a sound wave that takes out all enemies in its path and can even travel through walls to damage enemies in cover.


daisy, super mario

Daisy is being added to the roster of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as an Echo Fighter to Princess Peach. This means her moveset is extremely similar to Peach’s, however, some tweaks will be special to her and she will also feature all-new animations for combo, taunts, and more.

On the next page, we give you a detailed look at how some previous Super Smash characters are being changed as they get brought over into Ultimate.

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