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These Are the 10 Biggest 2018 E3 No-Shows


These Are the 10 Biggest 2018 E3 No-Shows

Another June, another E3. If you pay attention to the video game industry at all – and it would seem you do considering you’re reading this – you know that E3 might just be the biggest moment of the year for video games. It’s basically Christmas for those of us that spend hundreds, or even thousands, on these incredibly engaging and entertaining pieces of interactive content. Each E3, software publishers and hardware manufacturers alike announce what games are on the way and more. It’s nigh impossible to find yourself absent of some form of hype surrounding at least one game announced, or shown, during the expo. Sadly, though, it’s almost a guarantee at this point that some game you were looking forward to seeing won’t even bother to show its face to you.

E3 2018 is no different. These are 10 of the biggest E3 no-shows (in no particular order…they all break our hearts equally).

Red Dead Redemption II

Red Dead Redemption 2

You would think the hype surrounding this game would find a way onto a stage at the most-hyped video game expo of the year, or in a booth somewhere in the event center, right? Wrong. Believe it or not, Rockstar rarely makes an appearance at E3. Some say they’re above it. Some say it’s not necessary. Regardless, Red Dead Redemption II followed suit and it was nowhere to be found during any conference of E3 or anywhere on the show floor–it wasn’t even shown off during Sony’s show, despite PlayStation being the company the game has aligned with, hence the exclusive PS4 content.

October 26, you can’t come soon enough.

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