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4 Reasons Why Newbies Should Start With Dark Souls Remastered


4 Reasons Why Newbies Should Start With Dark Souls Remastered

It Has the Best Lore and Characters

Dark Souls Remastered

If you’re completely new to the Soulsborne games, there truly is no better place to start than with the first game that catapulted the series into mainstream popularity. Dark Souls Remastered is the first game in the series (Demon’s Souls notwithstanding), and it’s the starting point of an epic fantasy journey that spans three separate games. Compared to the two sequels, Dark Souls Remastered also features a rather self-contained plot that’s relatively easy to follow, as long as you’re staying on top of all your item descriptions and making sure to explore every nook and cranny.

Not only that, this game features some of the best NPCs you’ll ever find in a Souls game. Solaire is one of the most iconic faces in the series, and there are several other characters that will give you the creeps when you first meet them. If you’ve been thinking about jumping into the series for some time now, Dark Souls Remastered will give you the framework required to better understand the lore in the latter two games, and you’ll also get to go on a journey with the most memorable characters in the series.

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