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9 Best Anime Shows on Amazon Prime You Must Watch


9 Best Anime Shows on Amazon Prime You Must Watch

Made in Abyss

Best Anime Shows on Amazon Prime

Although Made in Abyss may appear to be for a younger crowd due to its chibi art style, underneath that is a surprisingly complex, mature, and dark story. An enormous chasm known as The Abyss stretches down into the depths of the Earth, with no known end. Brave individuals known as divers explore the chasm, and the White Whistles are the best of the best. When one of the main members of the White Whistles goes missing, Riko, her daughter, goes on a hunt to find her mother. On her journey, Riko meets a mysterious robot that has the appearance of a young boy.

Made in Abyss is a show filled with imagination in each and every episode. The team behind the anime clearly took time to meticulously craft every episode to be something unique, and that shows through. The show takes some seriously dark twists, and quality animation helps action scenes feel vibrant. Its uniqueness is the best thing Made in Abyss has going for it, and it’s probably the best anime exclusive to Amazon Prime.

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