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10 Gaming Moms Who Deserve All Our Love This Mother’s Day


10 Gaming Moms Who Deserve All Our Love This Mother’s Day

Joyce Price (Life Is Strange)

joyce price, joyce madsen, chloe mother

First up is Joyce Price, an absolute no-brainer. She is mother to stubborn teen outcast Chloe Price, widow to the late-William Price, and long-time waitress at Arcadia Bay’s Two Whales Diner. Joyce is known for her kindness, so much so that many of the town’s locals refer to her as “our mother.”

Even after the sudden loss of her husband and the misery that comes with her daughter’s string of rebellious exploits, she still manages to find the strength to smile and find that ever elusive silver lining in life.

Her unwavering ability to remain calm, empathetic and positive is unrivaled, and she is often the foundation that keeps her family together.

But don’t for a minute think she is a pushover. With all the blows life has dealt her, she has been honed into a sharp and witty heroine that can turn any trouble into a poignant life-lesson.

Ever since her first appearance in Life is Strange, she has warmed the hearts of all who have encountered her.


This post was originally written by Wiehahn Diederichs.

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