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7 Anime Like One Punch Man If You’re Looking for Something Similar


7 Anime Like One Punch Man If You’re Looking for Something Similar

My Hero Academia

Anime Like One Punch Man


One Puch Man and My Hero Academia are very similar animes with one major difference, their main characters. Whereas Saitama gets incredible power right from the get-go, My Hero Academia’s Izuku starts out powerless. After a chance encounter with the world’s most famous superhero, however, he’s chosen as the inheritor to the power of All For One, and has to begin adapting to the incredible power he’s given.

MHA takes place in a world where eight percent of the population is born with some kind of superpower known as a “Quirk.” These can be simple things like being able to levitate small items, all the way up to incredible super strength and speed and everything in between. Where MHA really becomes like One Punch Man is in its supporting cast, a ragtag group of different heroes in training. Both shows are Shonen anime that involve groups of heroes fighting to defend a city from villains, and both are filled with comedy as well as over-the-top action.

The contrast between the two show’s heroes can be fun to compare, and if you’re looking for another superhero-centric show after One Punch Man, you should look no further than MHA.

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