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5 Places The Far Cry Series Could Go Next


5 Places The Far Cry Series Could Go Next

Far Cry 5 has been released into the wild and has already been a critical and commercial success. The setting of Hope County, Montana, is one of the most interesting settings the series has ever been to.

Now that the game has been released however, it’s time to look ahead and consider where the series may go next. Often in the same way that Assassin’s Creed foregoes fans wishes for settings like Feudal Japan, the Far Cry series rarely takes us to a location we’re expecting; whether that’s Central Africa, the Himalayas, or a alternative history version of an unnamed island inhabited by robo dinosaurs. The series has never been known for going to obvious locales and that often works in its favor, so today we’re taking a look at five unique locations that the series could venture to next. As always, be sure to let us know in the comments where you want to see the next Far Cry game set.

Yucatan, Mexico

Yucatan is a peninsula at the very northern tip of eastern Mexico and it fits the bill of Far Cry rather perfectly; stunning vistas, ancient ruins, exotic creatures, and a plethora of places worth visiting. You’ll probably recognize the image above, but you may not know that it’s called the temple of Kukuclan, in the ancient city of Chichen Itza. This was one of the main cities in Central America some thousands of years ago, and today it attracts millions of tourists a year. Can’t you just picture a ritual like that of Far Cry 3 happening at the base of those steps? Maybe you wander inside and take a drug-fueled trip to ancient Mexico. Or maybe you simply climb to the top and get randomly attacked by a local jaguar or deadly snake.

The iconic temple is not the only site worth seeing in Yucatan however; there’s also Las Coloradas, a series of lakes that are bright pink; Izamal, a beautiful little town that is entirely yellow in color; cenote caves filled with fresh water and perfect for hidden treasure; multiple beaches, with snorkeling and exotic sea life; and the city of Cancun to name just a few. Yucatan is a beautiful part of Mexico and one that seems to hit just about every note that Far Cry looks for in a location.

This post was originally authored by Curtis Dillon.

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