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5 Best Overwatch League Player Performances From Stage 3 Week 2


5 Best Overwatch League Player Performances From Stage 3 Week 2

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Just recently at the end of March, DPS player Bunny left Seoul Dynasty to play for Los Angeles Valiant. This switch is proving to be very much in Valiant’s favor, as he played exceptionally well as one of his signature heroes Tracer this week, especially on Wednesday against San Francisco Shock.

A lot of great stats to mention from Bunny, and in an image released by the Overwatch League seen above we can see some of his numbers compared to when he was still with Seoul Dynasty. He had slightly more damage and Pulse Bomb kills while with Seoul, but his final blows, eliminations, Pulse Bomb attachment rate, and deaths per 10 minutes have all improved while with the new team.

The unquestionably most impressive statistic is his whopping 69% attachment rate with Tracer’s Pulse Bomb, likely one of the highest the league has ever seen. In a clip seen above Bunny is able to not only survive a Biotic Grenade from Moth as Ana, but stick the enemy Zenyatta and make it out alive.

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